One FAMILY, Far-Reaching IMPACT

Message for Sunday, January 14th

Tested Faith
James 1:1-15

The footprint of our faith is enlarged through testing. But the growth of our faith is directly correlated to our response in the midst of testing. This week we will learn from James how to respond to testing. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

Our Bible Reading Plan for the Next 4 Weeks:

  • Mondays: Read James 1
  • Tuesdays: Read James 2
  • Wednesdays: Read James 3
  • Thursdays: read James 4
  • Fridays: Read James 5

Read and discover Truth to Believe, Promises to Trust, and Commands to Obey. Ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What Does God’s Word Call Me to Believe?
  2. What Does God’s Word Invite Me to Trust?
  3. What Does God’s Word Require Me to Obey?

Write down the answer to one of these questions in a daily Bible Reading Journal.